Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Paving Project in Lafayette CA

Lafayette, CA CIP Program

You may soon need to make important decisions about the future of your sewer line because of a city-wide paving project in Lafayette, CA. The city’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is funding a large-scale project that will repave many of the older streets in the area. While this new project is good news for drivers tired of our city’s worn out streets, homeowners in affected areas might need to think about getting a new sewer system. Many of the city’s homes still have the original clay sewer pipes which are likely damaged from tree roots or have at least become very brittle. If the pipes require replacement after the city completes the repaving project homeowners are required to do a very large and expensive asphalt patch so the street doesn’t look patchy. If your old sewer pipe appears to be working okay you may still be at risk. The heavy machinery used in the construction project could break old clay sewer pipes and necessitate sewer repair. This project could also present a unique opportunity for homeowners with older sewer systems to save money on sewer replacement because they city is paying for the paving.

CIP Paving Program in Lafayette, CA

The CIP program receives about $3 million annually for infrastructural improvements around Lafayette. The city has grown rapidly since the 1970’s, so it had limited funds to improve older roads. New tax measures, however, have allocated additional funds to enable the CIP program to begin repairing some of Lafayette’s older roads. A total of about $4.9 million is currently allocated to improve residential streets across the city. The CIP Program in Lafayette, therefore, will affect many homeowners in the area.

Potential Problems for Homeowners

If you live on one of more than a dozen streets in Lafayette that will be part of the CIP program, you will have important decisions to make. Your home’s sewer lateral, which connects your home’s internal sewer system with the street, is vulnerable to cracking and bending due to age, wear, tree roots, earthquakes, ground movement and heavy machinery from the paving project itself. These problems are especially significant for homeowners who have old clay sewer pipes that can burst easily under high pressure. You will want to be sure to plan ahead for sewer repair if you are in one of the affected areas.

The CIP Program Can Save You Money on Sewer Replacement in Lafayette

Surprisingly, the city’s repaving program can save you significant amounts of money in the long run. Under ordinary conditions, homeowners looking to replace their sewer lateral would have to go through an extensive approval process with the city. The approval is exhaustive because homeowners have to rip up public roads to connect their new sewer system to the main city line. Since Lafayette imposes a moratorium on paving, residents often have to spend exorbitant amounts of money in fees for the privilege of paying to repave affected patches of road.

Opportunities Presented by the CIP Program in Lafayette

With the road already being stripped away as part of the CIP program, you won’t have to worry about the moratorium on paving. This means that you can install a sewer line without the exhaustive city approval process and without paying to replace large patches of the road. The city’s paving project in Lafayette CA, therefore, represents an opportunity for you to save significant amounts of money on sewer replacement.

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