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5/5January 12th, 2014
Started New Year off with sewer problems.Being in construction I was aware of trench less sewer repairs or (pipe bursting).  called four companies. OneStill has not called back. 2 only do portions of the work and sub out the pipe replacement. Evenflow answered all my questions. From the start to finish, very professional. Work completed and inspected in one day. One crew in the street, a second crew at the house, and third crew prepping the new pipe. Efficiency at it’s FINEST. Price never changed, no down payment, shake of a hand.  Old school, the way I like it. Did I mention they were the LOWEST PRICE?!

5/5January 14th, 2015
We had a trenchless sewer line replacement and found Gary and his crew professional, competent, and courteous.  The price was competitive and the work was done in one day.

5/5August 22nd, 2013
As a busy real estate agent in the East Bay I have used used Gary and his team for many jobs both big and small. They are always able to fit me into the schedule on short notice and I have never once had an issue getting a done right the first time. They have the lowest prices for the Sewer Lateral repairs in the East Bay and have great follow through with the city or EBMUD the ensure we have all documentation needed to close on our sale.I give Gary and the crew the highest marks possible and they are my first call for any plumbing needs.Thanks!

5/5October 24th, 2013
My mid-century house has a beautiful mid-century oak tree in the front yard.  Enough said.  To say the sewer lateral was in bad shape would be an understatement.  I solicited four quotes from varying "trenchless specialists".  Gary was the frontrunner, not only for his reasonable price and professionalism, but also for his personality and rapport.  His crew arrived around 8:30am and worked diligently througout the day.  They answered all my random questions and didn’t mind me hovering with my camera.  All was going great until they discovered an abandoned utility pipe directly in line with where the HDPE needed to go.  They excavated back and resolved the situation — and kept me informed the entire time. After a long day they were complete and my front yard looks exactly as it did before we started.  They even replanted my rose bushes!

5/5November 7th, 2013
Our house is 60 years old and the sewer line was orangeburg pipe. Because of the deterioration of the pipe, we were having to have a rooter company come out every 2-3 months! I contacted several contractors to get bids. Evenflow handled the bidding and estimating process very professionally and they came in with the lowest bid.The crew showed up on time, having already acquired the permit, and explained exactly what they were going to do. Five hours later (just as they had estimated), the job was competed, inspected and approved by the city, and the excavations at each end of the installation were closed up and my landscaping stones were returned to where they had been before the job started.Couldn’t ask for more.

5/5December 2nd, 2012
Gary knows his business, is a straight shooter, and charges fair prices.  We like him and we trust him.We had a problem with our sewer shortly after buying our home in the spring of 2009.  Turned out extensive work was required.  We spoke with several plumbers and decided to hire Gary.  Gary explained very clearly and thoroughly what work was required, how long it would take, and what it would cost.  When the day came to do the work, his crew showed up when he said they’d show up.  They were diligent and professional.  Even hough Gary was committed to another job that day, he took the time to stop by, check with his people to see how things were going, and talk to us to make sure all was good, too.We were so happy with the work that we’ve recommended Evenflow Plumbing to our friends and family.Almost four years later, at 6am on a Sunday morning, we had a plumbing emergency and called on Gary again.  The floor in our laundry room was soaked and the walls and ceiling were dripping water and we had no idea what to do. The first thing Gary did was explain to me exactly what I should do to keep the problem from getting worse. A short time later he came out to our house and quickly identified and fixed the problem.  Turns out a pipe on our hot water heater had sprung a leak. Not only did Gary fix this problem, he let me know what followup actions were necessary, and showed me some things to help me identify potential problems in the future.

5/5July 31st, 2013
I needed my sewer replaced because I had been having problems with sewage surfacing in my yard for the past few years.  It got so bad that all the drains in the house got backed up.  I called a plumber to clear the line but he said he couldn’t do it.  He said that the sewer pipe needed to be replaced completely and then quoted me $9900.  I was shocked but I knew I had to get the sewer fixed.  I decided to get 2 more estimates.  One of the companies I called was Evenflow Plumbing.  Gary came out to my house and did an inspection on the sewer line with a video camera.  He was able to determine that the problem with the sewer line was limited to an area where I have a large tree.  Gary gave me a quote for just the work I needed, which I appreciated.  The bottom line is Evenflow got my sewer fixed and everything working great for a fraction of the original quote.  I couldn’t be more satisfied.

5/5April 12th, 2014
Evenflow redesigned and replaced our entire sewer line.  The workers were professional, courteous, and extremely competent.  The price was fair and considerably below several other bids.  We are very satisfied.

5/5October 24th, 2013
Gary and his whole amazing Evenflow team, from office to trench, get my highest recommendation! I had put off the dreaded sewer replacement for years, nervous about the potential for upheaval, mess and complication in trying to retrofit a 100 year old bungalow.  Finally, a few trusted leads led me to Gary and I decided to take the plunge and do the fix so I could finally enjoy a rainy winter season again without my usual holiday-week "interruptions of service"!  His crew was fast and focused, cheerful and really respectful of my property and patient with my questions…..I couldn’t believe that everything was up and running again in under 8 hours.  Most importantly, I found Gary to be warm, transparent and totally honest in all of our interactions.  When a minor mishap upset a piece of concrete in the back of my house, his team took ownership immediately and repaired it beautifully, no questions asked.  I feel lucky to have found Evenflow and I look forward to working with them again in the near future for my above-ground plumbing needs!

5/5August 14th, 2013
I hired Evenflow Plumbing to replace a sewer pipe at my house.  My friend Tim had recently used them for similar work and was happy.  The main concern I had for my job was the concrete they would need to tear out.  My husband and I were concerned about their ability to match the color.  Gary came out and looked at the job.  He assured us that the concrete color could be matched to our satisfaction along with fixing the sewer pipe.  Gary assured us that we would be happy.  He also beat another estimate we had received from a different Concord sewer contractor.On the day of the job Gary actually came on site in person with his crew to make sure that our job was done to our specifications.  The whole crew was professional and polite.  They did a really good job limiting the amount of concrete they removed.  When the job was done Gary personally assisted with the color matching, even showing us dried concrete from the batch so we could see the color.After all was said and done our sewer line was replaced, our concrete was patched and the color matched well enough to where our neighbors can’t tell it’s different.  I was happy with Gary, the job and the price.

5/5December 17th, 2011
Exceptionallly good service and assistance provided by Gary Dimodana.

5/5April 10th, 2015
Once again, Evenflow gave us excellent service from start to finish.  They truly are one of the best and most responsive service companies I have worked with.  I’m also a business owner so I know a well run company when I see one.  Unfortunately our home was built in the 60’s and pipes simply don’t last forever.  The first time we used Evenflow they replaced our sewer line to the street and did an excellent job.  This time is was the water line from house to the meter.  If you’re looking for great value in a plumbing company I would highly recommend Evenflow.

5/5November 9th, 2014
I needed to get sewer laterals done. Evenflow was not the least expensive, but they did have the best reviews so I decided to go with them. Unexpected things came up, as they can with homes over 100 years old in old neighborhoods such as mine. Gary and Andrew were awesome at taking care of things and making sure I was kept in the loop. Would definitely recommend them if you need sewer laterals done right!!

5/5July 18th, 2012
I had a broken sewer lateral (sink hole in front yard). Not sure how long it was broken for.  I contacted Evenflow for an evaluation of the problem and estimate.  Gary showed up at date and time as promised.  He ran his camera down the sewer line and found the break (no charge).  He explained the trenchless repair method that he would use and gave me an estimate.  I was surprised at how soon he said he would be able to do the job and also surprised when he said it would be completed in just one day.Once I signed the contract, he took care of the rest.  Permits, contacting U.S.A. and whatever other behind the scenes issues for a job like this were completely taken care of by Gary.  His crew showed up right on time the day of the repair.  They had the job completed and the yard and street swept and cleaned up by 4:30PM.As the homeowner, a broken sewer line is a MAJOR issue and cause of stress.  But after watching his crew do the repair….having it completed in one day……..everything back in place and clean……..what the heck was I stressed about!!Call EvenFlow!

5/5April 15th, 2012
Gary from Evenflow is the most knowledgeable and thorough plumber that I know. I know anything related to plumbing he can handle but when it comes to a trench-less sewers, he is definitely who you need to talk to. They do a really good job.

5/5September 14th, 2009
2009……If you need plumbing services, i.e. drain stoppages, major drain repair, etc., call Gary at Evenflow Plumbing…   Absolutely awesome service for staff and owner (with a smile), and quick response to problems.   Very competitive pricing. Note:  I actually signed a contract with him on Friday for a big job he estimated.  He called me this morning and actually LOWERED the estimate since it didn’t take as much work as he thought..this has NEVER happened to me….I was speechless.  Even the tenants are happy…2010–I’ve used him three times now and couldn’t be happier… however, since they have had so many negative reviews recently, I tend to think they do not have the same people they had when I used them….bummer….

5/5May 2nd, 2013
We recently had to make one of the least fun home repairs possible…replace the main sewer line to the street.   We contacted Gary and requested that he come out and provide us with a recommended approach and estimate.  We had to deal with a "heritage" tree which required precision work to be done.  Gary showed up when he said he would for the initial estimate, provided us with the proposal to do the work in a timely manner, and worked with us on a fair number for the job.  Although he was not the lowest bid, I had much more confidence in his company to do the job correctly. Once we agreed to the proposal, he and his team got the work scheduled in a matter of a couple days.  He pulled the appropriate permits with the city, and handled all of the necessary inspections.  The crew showed up on time, they were professional, kept the job site clean/safe and they completed the big job in 1 day.  I’ve seen neighbors have similar projects done that spanned several days so I felt even better about our decision to use Evenflow.  I would highly recommend Gary and his team from Evenflow Plumbing.

5/5January 9th, 2012
Had a bit of an emergency when the sewer pipe had to be replaced. Gary was great. He assessed the problem gave us a quote. I had searched around with other companies, Evenflow being the best price. Scheduled it to be done. His crew showed up on time as scheduled and made quick work of the sewer line. The crew was experienced and informative as I watched them install the new line without digging up my whole yard. Thanks Gary.

5/5December 18th, 2010
Gary D helped us with a plumbing… issue.  Seriously the most helpful, awesome, friendly guy ever.  And he only laughed at us a little bit when he realized the reason we didn’t have hot water was because the water heater had been unplugged.   Yeah, we’re clearly brilliant.  Anyway, he was really helpful and replaced a hose for the washing machine and the problem was solved.  His excellent customer service has made this company our permanent go-to for all of our future plumbing issues.

5/5September 2nd, 2010
Gary at Evenflow Plumbing just completed a trenchless sewer repair job for me in Oakland. Talk about quick! He not only provided a very competitive bid within 2 days of my request, but then when I approved it & gave him the job on Friday, he got his crew out to the house Monday morning & was completely DONE by mid-afternoon. Heck, how’d he even pull permits that fast, let alone do all the work?!!! This was the 2nd time I’ve used Evenflow for trenchless sewer repair & I’m twice as satisfied as I was after the first job! I heartily recommend this company!

5/5October 28th, 2011
My client used Evenflow Plumbing back in early 2000 for a full sewer lateral replacement.  When they went to sell, we needed to get the sewer line tested as part of the pre-sale inspections and Gary came out and really went above and beyond to help accomodate my client.  Thank you, Evenflow!

5/5January 30th, 2015
I hired Evenflow plumbing to come out and convert my outdoor fire pit from a wood burning to a gas burning pit. Gary and his team were very professional and got right to work. Since then, I have never had a problem with my outdoor fire pit and use it frequently. It’s great for party’s and everyone asks me who made it. I highly recommend Gary and team and commend them for the great service.

5/5February 10th, 2014
Thank you Gary, you are a life saver. 100% recommendation.  Fast and friendly service

5/5September 15th, 2011
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5/5October 14th, 2012
When I found out I had to have sewer lateral inspected before I could sell my house in Oakland, I went online for price comparisons and reviews.  After deciding to use Evenflow, I set up a time for the job after getting the estimate.  Everyone came  when scheduled, assessed and excavated, pulled in liner, waited for testing, and back filled in a very swift manner.   Not cheap for a short sewer lateral, but comes with a 20 year life and proper documentation for Oakland requirements.   Very useful tech this pipe re-lining.  Great  job guys.

5/5April 6th, 2012
They replaced my sewer line (HUmboldt Ave, Oakland, CA. They had to dig 13 feet  deep as part of the job.  They added two clean up sections for future use. There were about six people who did the job which started at 8:30 AM and was completed by  6:00. Gary inspected the job which he thought would just be a clean up initally. But when Anthony checked  it further to which he dug the ground where the clean up section is supposed to be, he discovered that a new sewer line must be installed. My clay pipe was installed in 1925–that is how old my house is. Accordingly, clay would last up to 40 years and mine lasted almost 60 years. I googled what the cost would be and my research told me that it would be between $3000.00 to $12.000.00. Anthony did it just slightly over the middle. Gary is very professional and the job was professionally done. They tested it, City of Oakland and PGE inspected it and signed it off.  The workers were well trained. I recorded the job and they looked like they were all well trained. Gary also gave his word that he would give me a free clean up in the event I get a clog and if anything happens to this newly installed sewer line (especially that clay pipe section) he would work on it for  free.  I have never paid that much for a job and it hurt my pocket book but I am really satisfied with the outcome. I am happy that I got Even Flow instead of the others. I initially called Preferred Plumbing that charges $226.00 an hour and EVen Flow charges half of that.  I called Preferred Plumbing and cancelled my appointment with them and when the lady asked me why I am cancelling, I did not tell her that I found a company that charges half of what they are charging. But I told her the terrible reviews Preferred Plumbing has had in the bay area. I did not mean to belittle the other company. I am just being honest to my review.I recommend GAry and his home business–Even Flow PlumbingJoseph T. if you wish to email about this review

5/5March 15th, 2012
We had a very good experience with Gary and Evenflow Plumbing Company.Our sewer lateral collapsed and we couldn’t clear it with a snake the way we had done in years past.  I interviewed 6 plumbing companies and we chose Gary because he was on time, he was confident and clear about the problem and what he planned for the solution, and his price, while not the cheapest, seemed most appropriate and included all of the work that we needed plus any problems that might arise. When I wanted Gary to change the wording of his estimate to make it more clear to me, he made a special trip to our house at 7am to give me a revised version before I went to work in the morning.We were very pleased with the work.  The crew was thorough.  They left our yard and driveway cleaner than they found it.  It was a big job that included digging up the sidewalk and the street, and they were able to finish in one day.A few days after the work was completed we had trouble with some of the plumbing under our house – probably caused by the fact that our toilet was backed up for so long.  Gary sent someone to our house right away and fixed the problem without any additional charge.  We were very satisfied.I would highly recommend Gary and Evenflow Plumbing.  I agree that the single-star rating was probably a fluke.

5/5January 30th, 2012
I am very pleased with my experience with Evenflow plumbing. Last week we had a damaged main sewage line that needed immediate attention. When I called Evenflow at night, Gary who lives locally picked up the phone and took down my information. He showed up on time the next morning, evaluated the situation with the camera and showed me exactly what and where the problem was. After we agreed on the details, he sent his lead worker to repair the broken clay pipe that afternoon. The job was done by the time I got home from work. The work area was clean and everything was put back together as before. Both Gary and his lead were courteous, professional and pleasant to work with. He gave me a good price and a fair deal. I would recommend Evenflow Plumbing to friends and neighbors.

5/5December 30th, 2011
We are 100% satisfied with the trench less sewer job. Gary and his crew are knowledgeable, precise and absolute joy to work with. We will highly recommend his job to anyone including friends and family.

5/5November 10th, 2011
Exceptional service and quality customer service. They even clean up when done. Office staff are extremely cordial and conscientious. Very professional and dependable. Gary is the best!!

5/5September 18th, 2011
We recently bought an old house built in the late ’50s.  We had to replace all the old cast iron under the house.  We got estimates from 3 different companies before we went with Evenflow.One company was way too high right off the bat.  It seems they charged based on our zip (there are a lot of wealthy people in our town; unfortunately for us, we are not in that group) rather than the job.  They started out "astronomically high," and came down to "high."Evenflow and the other company were both contenders.  They both gave free estimates.  My friend met Gary at the house and was very impressed with him.  Gary called me the night the work estimate was delivered.  I spoke to him at length.  He patiently explained things to me (ABS vs. cast iron; good ABS installation vs. shortcuts) which I appreciated.  We talked about the pros and cons of doing a "repair" vs. replacing the whole system.  He included the cost of all permits in his pricing.This fix was not cheap (in my book), and writing a check for the whole thing was pretty cost prohibitive for me.  Gary accepted my credit card.  (phew!)While on the job site, the day of the work, Gary realized the 4" pipe quoted would not fit easily under all parts of the house (due to other ducting and the 18" crawl space).  He had to go with 3" pipe (which was the size of the pre-existing cast iron pipe).  He told me my cost would now be LESS than the quote because his costs were now less.  YAY!!I was very happy with the the entire transaction. It has only been 2 days since the piping was replaced – but no problems so far … and I’m not anticipating any.I highly recommend Gary and Evenflow.

5/5March 13th, 2011
Our sewer line need to be replaced – nothing one ever plans on.  Gary came out, did a thorough inspection, and offered a very competitive price.  We signed up with Evenflow, and are very pleased.  The work was accomplished in a timely fashion, and the crew was helpful when I had questions as to the work they were doing.  Gary ensured everything was cleaned up at the end, and followed up with a report after the final inspection was done.  Very satisfied.

5/5February 1st, 2011
It probably never crossed his mind that he would have to work on a project that was done over 11 years ago by his company but it did happen. Evenflow  plumbing responded to my call for "Warranty" service 11 years after the initial main sewer line job that was replaced at my home. When I called Gary I was afraid I was going to get the run around, like most companies, but he responded with the most positive attitude and reassured me that he would get to the bottom of the problem and take care of it. This was even after he realized that the job was over eleven years old and any documentation was going to need to be found in his archives. Any way to make a long story short, Evenflow Plumbing Stands by their work and I am sure you will appreciate that ,just as much as I did.

5/5January 28th, 2011
Evenflo is a very reliable & professional plumbing company thatwe have used to replace our old crumbling sewer lines at our home.  Gary is very knowledgeable and professional.  He came by the same day that we called, diagnosed our problem and proposed bypassing our old troublesome sewer pipes with a new line.  His crew arrived promptly as promised.  They were polite & informativeand worked quickly to get our line back up.  Gary finished up the job with a camera inspection of our sewer lines to ensure that all wasrunning smoothly.  I will certainly recommend Evenflo to all of my friends for their plumbing repairs.

5/5September 15th, 2011
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5/5December 13th, 2010
I used Evenflow 6 years ago to install a garbage disposal. The disposal motor quit recently, and they were very responsive and punctual evaluating the issue, and did not charge for for the service call. When we did decide to replace, again they were punctual and even gave me a loyal customer discount. I highly recommend them!

5/5December 7th, 2010
I have had Evenflow twice to do work in my home.  I have to say I was extremely pleased.  The first time, I had a future appointment with Gary and he called to say he was in the neighborhood sooner than the scheduled day and was I interested in him doing the work earlier.  It just so happened I was at home, so it worked out well for both of us.  The second visit, Gary showed up in a very timely manner.  Gary was very  knowlegable, competent and professional.  He quickly diagnosed the problems and promptly made the fixes.  His prices were very reasonable.  As a matter of fact, I thought I should have been paying more, but I could not convince Gary to change his fee.  How often does that  happen?  I would hire him back in a heartbeat.

5/5September 23rd, 2010
This is the second time that I have had Evenflow plumbing do work at our home and they are the only ones that will ever touch my pipes again.We started having problems with water pressure at the kitchen faucet and after I tried to find out the problem I called Gary and talked with him.  He saidhe would come take a look, did that the next day, told me what the problem was.  I bought a new faucet and Gary came back and replaced it for me–all of this was NO CHARGE.  We talked about the pipes under the house, he went under the house and inspected, found four places our pipes were leaking.  Gary thought our situtuation was urgent enough that he did the re-pipe job on a holiday-again at no extra charge for the holiday time he had to pay his workers.From the young lady that answers the telephone with a smile in her voice to the workers that are polite and make sure to do their work in a clean and neat manner to the owner Gary who goes out of his way to make sure that the customer is completely satisfied, Evenflow Plumbing is what a successful business should be.Thank you again one and all at Evenflow Plumbing!JoAnn H

5/5March 3rd, 2009
From my first phone call, I must say the customer service was exceptional.  Not only is Gary one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, he makes sure the job is done right and on time.  We had our sewage line replaced and his crew was in and out in less than two days.  He patiently answered all our questions and followed-up immediately on any outstanding issues.  We would definitely use Evenflow again!

5/5February 6th, 2009
I don’t think I would have found another company that took care of me as much as Evenflow did.  Called around for several bids and Gary sold me on the response time. Said he could get my new sewer line installed with permits in 2 days and he did(from sidewalk to street).  Dispite the lack of cooperation from the city to take care of their part to repair the damaged sidewalk and curb caused by the city’s tree, Gary got the tree removed and did an excellent job.

5/5February 5th, 2009
Gary unplugged my sewer on super bowl Sunday and then lined my sewer line two days later. Very professional, fast and courteous, the job went exactly as planned. Highly recommend Evenflow for this type of work.

5/5January 31st, 2009
It was just before Christmas and I needed a sewer lateral done before the end of the year.  Two other companies put me off until the new year. I called this company as a third estimate and the owner heard my plight and said he could do it and at a price that beat the other bids.  The job was complete on 12/30/2008.  I was very pleased.

5/5January 26th, 2009
I am a big fan of Gary and his crew.  They did a remarkable job on my sewer line.  I am impressed that Gary was honest and "on time".  He really did save our street from BAD [70 year old] sewer lines, and at a very reasonable price.Thank You Gary from all the people on Victoria Ave. who used your super skills.Dan Bundy

5/5September 15th, 2011
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5/5January 21st, 2009
As a young female homeowner, I worry about getting ripped off, taken advantage of, and in general, getting talked down to because some professionals don’t believe that young women know anything about a house.  I had a great experience with Evenflow plumbing.  Gary is the nicest guy.  He’s really honest, and straight forward.  He was respectful and clear about communicating what the problem and the solution was.  He was patient when I wanted to get a second estimate (although the other company never called me back), and I didn’t feel like he was pressuring me.  His crew replaced 40 feet of an old cast iron pipe that was rusted out and not up to code.  The previous owners had the lateral sewer in the front of the house, but not in the back.  The crew did it in one day and they did not need to go into the unit bathroom to fix the sewer pipe.  Thank goodness!  (Thanks for saving me the money!)  The crew was fast and professional.  It’s also clear that Gary cares about his work, his crew, and his customers.  He dismissed his crew while he personally swept the concrete to make sure it looked nice before he left.  Thank you.

5/5January 16th, 2009
Kudo’s to Gary and his crew. I had him replace my sewer line and was very happy with the knowledge and organization demonstrated by this group of people. Gary went above and beyond when they discovered the problem with my line was that the water main had settled and crushed my sewer line making it a very difficult problem to resolve. He was able to figure out a soloution with the water and sewer department without destroying my yard!

5/5January 14th, 2009
Honest, fair, and professional. Great work!I just had about 150 feet of trenchless pipe placed and I must say Gary and crew handled an emergency in a fair and professional manner.  What happened was the water company marked the street in the wrong location causing the main waterline to burst (due to no fault of Evenflow).  Gary had to spend extra time and dealing with this problem at no extra cost to me.  He was patient and kept me informed the whole way. They cleaned up and made sure everything was neat.  After the job was successfully completed and inspected, Gary spent the extra time to come out personally to inspect and to make sure I was happy.  This says a whole lot in my book.

5/5January 14th, 2009
Gary and his entire team wer etrue professionals.  Courtesy and communicative.  I would highly recommend them.

5/5December 31st, 2008
Great service, great results.Gary and crew were very professional and focused on getting the job done right.  We had our house sewer main replaced and they were in and done, 160′ of new pipe, in 9 hours.  My wife was happy, the inspectors were happy, and it’s working great.  The crew even re-spread the mulch around the place they dug in our landscaping!I will be – and have been – telling my neighbors and friends about his service, especially after having problems with one of the national corporate plumbing machines.  A great result at a great price.

5/5December 19th, 2008
I Called Gary Tuesday PM with a plumbing problem , he said he couldn’t come out  until Wednesday AM and actually showed up at 8 am! Unfortunately my simple clog turned into a major problem ( too many large trees and a very old house) which Gary and his very professional crew took care of in record time. I was amazed because they replaced more than 70′ of old sewage pipe with new cast iron pipe, some under concrete in a courtyard in 2 days. When they finished they replanted the plants they had dug up replaced the lawn and concrete, you could hardly tell they were there. The best part was the job came in at $500.00 under budget.

5/5September 15th, 2011
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5/5August 18th, 2015
If I could put six stars I would.  Incredibly professional, prompt and pleasant plumber.  Gary returned a call I made to him at 7 AM within 30 minutes. Gary himself showed up exactly on time.  He worked with us to find a solution for a kitchen sink and a bathroom sink in a rental unit.  He fixed poorly installed traps and broken drainage in the bathroom.  He reused as many existing parts as he could, really minimizing the bathroom sink repair material cost. Sink works wonderfully and flow is great.  The kitchen required more work.  The sink traps, the sinkerator and the sink basket were all in properly installed by former repair person.  Whole caps were missing.  However, Gary still managed to reclaim as much of the totally failed former installers parts.  We saved so much in piping for the traps we had enough to savings upgrade the garbage disposal. Gary gave us great advice on that as well.  He came to home depot with us and told us how in a rental unit, its best to get two blade disposals because both the noise and efficiency and the tendency of tenants to change disposals… He also installed the disposal.The bill was incredibly reasonable considering the savings in materials and the A+ quality of work and professionalism.  I highly recommend the guys at Evenflow.

5/5August 18th, 2015
Saved a lot of money thanks to Gary and the Evenflow team! My husband and I had gotten multiple estimates on a sewer lateral replacement from different companies before we found out about Evenflow. Eventually I talked with Gary and scheduled an appointment for him to come out and give us an estimate. The next day I met with Gary and showed him around the property line; I could tell right away he was very passionate about his job. After a quick inspection he gave me an estimate for the sewer repair which ended up being a couple hundred dollars cheaper than the other estimates we got! The actual repair work was done that same week and took a total of about two and a half days to complete. The whole Evenflow team was very courteous and respectful throughout the whole process, not to mention they were quick and answered all of my questions without hesitation. My husband and I are both very pleased with results of the Evenflow team, and I want to especially thank Gary for checking in with us to make sure the job was a success. Excellent company!

5/5July 29th, 2015
So having cleared my first major sewer problem of my life, I thought I wouldn’t be seeing Gary again for a while, but as luck would have it, I had a new issue under the house that needed attention in addition to a blockage in my hot water line.   Evenflow are the only guys I call anymore.   Bedside manner isn’t a thing usually associated with plumbing, but Gary has a way of taking a what I’ve built up in my mind is a terrifying and  likely punitively expensive repair, and turning it into a "no big deal" event.  There’s no shock and scare sales here.   He’ll tell you how it is straight, and he’ll also tell you if you can get by for 6 months to save up before dealing with it properly.   No rush, no pressure, just good business.He also fixed the blockage in my master bath for free since it was a minor thing.   Any other guy would have asked me for a check today, and I’d have happily given it to him.   Truly best in class service.Thanks again Gary!

5/5July 17th, 2015
Gary and Andrew are the best! I’ll try to keep this short and will update the review as things progress…..My house has a french drain that runs along one side that collects underground moisture and sends it to a sump pump that then pumps it out to the street. Also, rain water goes to the sump. One day in the middle of the summer when there had been no rain for ages, I came home and there was water pumping out to the street. After a bunch of investigation around the property, and then going to check with my neighbor to see if she had been doing laundry, I determined that my neighbors sewer lateral was likely leaking and seeping underground to my french drain.I checked with another neighbor who had recently had his sewer lateral done by Evenflow and was happy with the experience, got the company name and made a call. Andrew came out Friday afternoon and attempted a free camera inspection of my neighbor’s lateral, with her permission of course. The line was very blocked with roots and he could not get the camera down, so he offered to come back Monday, clear the line for free and then do the camera inspection. When Andrew returned and inspected he determined not only that my neighbor’s line was broken, but also that my sewer was illegally connected to hers! This was quite shocking as I had purchased the house a year ago and used a different reputable plumber to do the new sewer lateral to pass the EBMUD PSL requirement/inspection.Gary called me an hour or so later to talk with me about the situation and my options and to advise me how to proceed with the city and the other plumber. I cannot say enough positive things about how Gary and Andrew helped me out with this totally $&#*ed situation. As of writing this its not resolved, but the inspector at the City of Oakland has contacted the plumber and things are in motion to be made right. Once my sewer line is re-done properly, I will absolutely, without question work with my neighbor to make sure that Evenflow gets the job to fix her sewer.And, Andrew even offered to come out again in the future to re-clear my neighbor’s line for free in the event that it backs up again before we get all of this resolved and fixed properly.These guys are honest, have fair prices and care about the job and you and your satisfaction. Its a great thing to work with people who are doing it right. I only wish that I had called Evenflow a year ago and I would have avoided this entire illegal sewer situation.

5/5August 31st, 2015
I rarely write reviews, but Evenflow helped us get a sewer lateral certificate for our new house in El Cerrito after a previous sewer contractor tried to con us into getting a brand new sewer lateral when the previous one he installed was only 12 years old!Gary determined what was wrong and clearly explained what needed to be done. His folks did a great job, left everything neat and clean, and we passed the test. And the cost was significantly less than half of what the other guy was asking. We now plan to use Evenflow for any future plumbing needs.

5/5May 14th, 2015
I’M a real estate broker and have used Even Flow Plumbing on a least 10 sewer lateral replacements throughout the East Bay area. Gary and his crew knows just what to do in order to complete the EBMUD sewer lateral certification. I always feel at ease knowing that Gary will handle the job in an efficient, professional manner. Prices are very reasonable. Above all, Gary is a very nice person and treats everyone with respect. I highly recommend, Even Flow Plumbing.

5/5February 2nd, 2015
Gary and his peeps went above and beyond here. Like many of the other reviewers, I was in need of a mandatory sewage lateral  (EMBUD PSL certification) inspection/ upgrade, and like many people I hated everything about being legally responsible for spending thousands of dollars on a pipe that is probably fine.I brought in a few vendors to inspect and talk through the work needing to be done. First off, Gary had superior camera equipment that was able to show me cracks not visible by the others. Secondly, Gary communicated more effectively than the other handful of people about what exactly needed to be done, and had a superior game plan. For example, one company thought I needed to demolish my cement stairs that lead to my doorway so they could access the pipe running from my house. Gary’s solution was to get under the house and reroute the pipe 2′ so it avoided the stairs altogether. It seemed like his solution was pretty obvious once you think about it. The stair job would be $10k more.Gary took care of the permits and EVERYTHING. All I did was sign the quote and let his people access my crawl space. The thing was certified by the afternoon of the same day they showed up. I called on a Thursday and he did the work that Monday.So this was all pretty normal, but what set Gary’s team apart from the rest was the fact that THEY DAMAGED MY DAMN PROPERTY. What happened was that some paint was inevitable scratched because they had to dig a trench in my yard. There was a hose fixture that was also damaged due to the major job they did. So this dude shows up and fixes everything himself and repaints my walkway within a day. Totally awesome service.All in all, the job was $7k because of some nuances in my job. We had to reroute a pipe, dig a trench, install a new outlet thing out from under my house, run pipe under the sidewalk, DIG UP MY DAMN STREET (why do I have to pay for this, City of Oakland??!), and run pipe from the sidewalk to the main. They dug 5′ trenches in my yard and in the street and filled it and reinstalled brick and repaved asphalt where necessary. They went to the city and got 3 different permits for the work and arranged the certification. It was a big job.So the bottom line is they to good work for a fair price, straight up. It’s easy– they’ll just take care of it for you and you can go on with your life.

5/5March 27th, 2015
Wow is all I can say! My house was having some plumbing issues… A toilet was backing up into the yard from the pipe (we had it cleaned out by three other companies before we called Evenflow) and then suddenly when we showered, water was coming up from the ground and out of the hole the downspouts from the gutters drained out of. It was the weirdest thing ever! After researching plumbers and their reviews, we called Gary at Evenflow. They made an appointment for later that day, showed up on time and assessed the situation.That day we had someone out already doing work (after they told us what needed to be done and we signed the paperwork of course!) As with plumbing, especially dealing with old 100+ year clay pipes, them root of the problem was that our entire sewer line was broken. From the back of our house all the way out to the main sewer connection (PS, City of Oakland, you should really pay for anything in city property! Why the hell should I have to pay to dig up the street?) But within 24 hours of discovering the problem, Evenflow had secured the proper permits (cost included in the quote mind you which was a welcome change from other contractors I’ve dealt with!) and started work the next morning. They used a trenchless sewer line, which is both effective, faster and cheaper. They made sure to clean up the work site, fill in any and all holes and even would walk me through the site to show me the work that was done and get my approval. They worked hard and fast. Their work is top notch! And I have to throw out there, as a woman that was alone while they were working, I felt completely comfortable. They walked me though every step of what needed to be done and involved me in the process. They truly went above and beyond anything I could expect and I will be using them for all of my plumbing from now on. I cannot recommend them enough! If you have to have a new sewer line, sewer lateral or any other plumbing done, feel confident in hiring Gary and team over at Evenflow!

5/5November 23rd, 2014
GREAT SERVICE.The owner Gary, was very responsive to my concerns, even when I couldn’t be at the property.  He went above and beyond to address concerns I had, even on the weekends. He Is a veteran of his field and I was very glad he checked the job after the work was completed. It is important to me that a company/owner treats your property like they were doing work for their,"favorite aunt or uncle".

5/5March 19th, 2015
Gary at Evenflow went beyond the call of duty in getting our sewer line refixed. They put in a trenchless sewer line a few years ago to replace the ancient clay line for a reasonable price. This past year it started to clog up and I was quite surprised because it was relatively new. Gary came out to inspect and via camera saw a low spot in the line. At no cost to me, they labored and dug a trench on the side yard to see what was going on. Apparently our tree roots were pushing down on the line and caused the problem. They re-supported the line with a gravel bed and recommended that I get rid of the tree since the problem will most likely reoccur. Let me repeat again that they provide stellar service and stand by their work years after they install a sewer line. They did not charge me a dime to repair the problem!Highly recommended.

5/5September 1st, 2014
I went into the whole Private Sewer Lateral Compliance certification process fairly certain that EBMUD and the plumbing industry were in cahoots… Nowhere on yelp was there an instance where a home buyer/seller looking to get certified DIDN’T need tons of expensive work. I was super happy to hear from Evenflow- who would do the video inspection for free- that our sewer lateral was very recently replaced and we could likely bypass a lot of the process by locating permits from the city.The receptionist walked me through the process that I’d have to take with the city and EBMUD, even though they never made a penny from us ( we actually cost them $$ by having them come out when they didn’t need to) . She even offered to let us call back if we had any other questions the PSL certification process!  Definitely will rely on them when we need to investigate a potentially leaky pipe…

5/5March 2nd, 2015
Excellent service. I got quotes from three different companies. Evenflow was a great quote and went above and beyond my expectations. Every time I spoke with a staff member on the phone they were polite and professional even when I was super stressed out about the job that needed to be completed for my sewer lateral work. The owner even came out and dealt with difficult neighbor issues concerning the job. I’m so pleased with this company. Highly recommend!!

5/5March 24th, 2015
Had our sewer lateral replaced. Gary was very professional and easy to work with. His crew was fast and efficient and did a fantastic job. Highly recommended!

5/5March 4th, 2015
Evenflow was the lowest of three bids we received for our sewer lateral replacement.  They honored their estimate even though it was several months old and scheduled the job immediately after we called to confirm.  Their staff was friendly and the owner Gary was friendly and available to answer all of our questions.

5/5March 10th, 2015
Gary and his son recently came to give me an estimate/evaluation of my sewer lateral situation.  They were incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and forthright about their thoughts and helped educate me about what was done well and not from previous work that was done.  They really understand the importance of customer service, of building relationships and going the extra mile.  I don’t have an immediate reason to hire them but I definitely will when I have any plumbing needs.  They have earned my loyalty and this strong recommendation!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!p.s.  I had a very negative experience with another sewer lateral company so BE CAREFUL!  Pay attention when you get this work done.  These guys know what they are doing and take pride in doing great work!  Not true for all.

5/5July 22nd, 2014
We were looking for a reliable and high quality sewer lateral replacement company when we bought our new house in Oakland. I was recommended by a friend who raved about her experience with Evenflow Plumbing to give them a call. They were able to do the inspection the next day and turned around a PDF estimate right away. They staff on the phone was very helpful and Gary showed up early for the inspection.When the day finally came to replace the sewer lateral, the team arrived on time and went to work right away. They even had two guys working the road directing traffic and answer questions from my new neighbors. The crew worked really hard and fast and had the 75ft project complete by mid-afternoon and even line up the inspector by 2pm.By the next day I already received my EBMUD Sewer Lateral Compliance certificate in my inbox and all inspections were complete for all authorities.The guys did a great job cleaning up after themselves, the road patch looked way better than city workers and the road crew even shared strawberries with me.All in all it was just as I had hoped. Project done well and efficiently!Thanks to Gary and his amazing team at Evenflow!

5/5February 1st, 2015
Gary and his crew worked on the sewer lateral replacement on my triplex in oakland, last summer. The price was reasonable, and their workmanship was great.  They completed the whole job in two days and got me the certificate.  Good job, Gary!

5/5May 10th, 2014
I initially wrote a horrible review and I have to say I’m sorry for jumping the gun the way I did. Gary, the owner, reached out to me and came to our house originally for a sewer inspection video. While here, he also fixed our backed-up bathroom sink. Gary has a great level of integrity and saved us a lot of money. When we bought our house a few years ago, our real estate agent had Harry Clark do a sewer video and the estimate was for $$$$ that we didn’t have at the time. So we waited until we saved up. Gary did the video and told us we don’t have to do anything for another 5-7 years. Yelp is a double edged sword for passive aggressive attacks, but an owner like Gary definitely stands out as a trustworthy business owner who cares about current and potential customers. I’d definitely recommend him and would use him for future work.

5/5August 14th, 2014
These guys are top notch all around… from Shawny  in the office, who worked with me to get the initial estimate from Gary, to the all-star field crew that showed up to perform the work. I was thoroughly impressed by Evenflow Plumbing.I got several quotes to replace my sewer lateral but after meeting Gary (Owner & Estimator), I knew that they were the right contractor for the job. This was based on they’re competitive pricing, friendly staff, and "get it done" attitude.If you give them a call, I am confident you’ll come to the same conclusion.

5/5January 13th, 2015
Kitchen sink backed up.  I poured lye (not recommended) down the sink.  It unclogged the pipe but melted thru my trash compactor.  They came the day of, assessed the damage, got the parts, and fixed it pronto.  Service was great, prompt, and friendly.

5/5June 11th, 2015
Gary and his team are awesome! Really good customer service across the board. We needed to pass the Sewer Lateral test and they helped us out quickly and efficiently. Good prices, good work, good people! We’d certainly use them again for any plumbing issues.

5/5May 30th, 2014
Andrew was beyond helpful through the entire process of PSL Certification. After realizing my sewer needed replaced he and his crew did an awesome job. Gary and Delacy in the office were extremely honest, responsive and professional. I would pay more to get service like this even though i didn’t have to!Well Recommended!

5/5November 13th, 2014
These guys did a great job doing my sewer lateral and we passed inspection without problems. They actually ended up charging us less than their original estimate because they didn’t have to do some work that they thought they were going to have to do and they were honest about it. Would recommend.

5/5April 22nd, 2014
I am very impressed with Gary and his staff. He came out on a Monday, did a free video inspection for a sewer lateral replacement and gave me an estimate on the spot. (It was the lowest of 3–the highest was double!) Luckily for us, there was a cancellation that same week, so the collapsed line that was causing a sinkhole could be taken care of asap. Since the work was done at our rental house, I only saw the end result and the area was left cleaner than before! Gary’s staff is super friendly and helpful, explaining things in layman’s terms (which I appreciated). The job and inspection with EBMUD was already done when I swung by at 3:30 in the afternoon. We paid exactly what he estimated and his office emailed copies of the warranties and certifcates to me. Evenflow Plumbing is very professional and responsive (as others have said). I will not hesitate to hire them again for other plumbing needs (or if god forbid, we need another PSL at our primary residence) and will recommend them to all my friends.Thank you, Gary!!

5/5March 31st, 2014
These guys do great work. I hired them to upgrade my sewer lateral. Andy came out to do the estimate. He showed me everything and talked me through the whole process. Overall, I got a really great feeling from him, plus he offered to beat another price.Next up, their office is really responsive.  I had a quote from them within a few hours and was scheduled as soon as I returned it.  After the work was done I had my certificate from EBMUD the next day.The actual work was superb. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it would be done in one day, whereas another company said 2-3 days. Starting at 8:30am, they had the work done and the space repaved by 6:30pm.Finally, Gary (the owner) is just an incredibly helpful, fair, and straightforward individual. I’ll be recommending him to everyone I know.

5/5July 11th, 2014
Our neighbor next door and us hired them and we all are very pleased with the final result.  I loved that I had direct contact with the owner of the company, Gary, who not only is very professional and knowledgeable of the work that they do.  He is very friendly, he came first to give us the estimate (which is exactly what we paid at the end), he came when his crew was working, he was fast responding to my phone calls and he answered a lot of questions.If you are thinking about hiring them, I recommend that you also talk to your neighbors.  We got a very good discount because our neighbors and us hired them to do the work the same day.  And the best part?  Evenflow Plumbing not only did a fantastic trench-less work replacing our lateral sewer and cleaned all the mess.  They also created a more friendly community with my neighbors because the discount offered if it was more than one job per day, was a great excuse for all of us, neighbors, to talk about.  We talked about the options hiring different contractors, the questions we needed to ask, etc.  After reviewing five different estimates, we decided to hire Evenflow and we are very satisfied with their service.

5/5March 7th, 2014
Hired them for a sewage lateral replacement to comply with the new Oakland ordinance (a.k.a. the newest City cash-cow) What can I say about Gary & team that hasn’t been said before?Approachable, easy, no-drama, knowledgeable, patient, efficient.Price was super competitive (They beat 3 other estimates without mentioning them). They actually did what they had said they were going to. It actually cost exactly what had they estimated. It took them exactly as long as they had stated. In a world of bait-n-switch contractors, Gary is a breadth of fresh air (or is it an even flow of sewage lateral?) 😀

5/5October 26th, 2014
We called Evenflow to get a backup estimate for a sewer lateral replacement. We found them on Yelp, as opposed the the other bid from a company referred by a friend. We were pretty sure we’d go with the other. But Gary and his crew won us over. They came out on time and thought there was a slight chance we could pass without doing a replacement at all. They came out the next day to do the test, it didn’t pass. But it was pretty great that they tried at all. They gave us a better bid and offered a few choices of days to start. The work was done quickly, cleanly and without a hitch. That night we thought we had a plumbing problem due to the work, and Gary was super responsive and came out the next morning (a Saturday) to check it out. He "fixed" it in 2 seconds, since it wasn’t actually a problem or related to the work they did. He was really kind and unfazed by it. Love this company!

5/5September 5th, 2014
Hired Gary and his crew again for another sewer lateral replacement.  Even after talking to a handful or recommended plumbers, Gary and his team were the most knowledgeable and took care of the work quickly and efficiently.

5/5April 29th, 2015
Gary and his crew are a 5 star act all the way! I had a horrible experience with Rescue Rooter that led to them quoting me to replace the whole sewer lateral. I got a second opinion from Evenflow and not only were they 1/2 the cost, but Gary’s professionalism, honesty, and integrity was worth every penny. A lower cost for higher quality AND they were done in 1 day! Can’t beat that. Gary even offered to come back and fix some of the minor damages done by the Rescue Rooter crew, which is really going the extra mile. Rare to find a business you can trust, but Gary Dimodana and Evenflow most definitely fit the bill.Highly recommended (especially for big jobs).

5/5March 5th, 2014
I had an excellent experience with Evenflow.  I will be using them again for additional projects.I asked them to give me a quote for my lateral sewer and also mentioned I had some other plumbing issues, such as moving this ridiculous laundry shed some previous owner had added to my house and the hot water heater that is miles from my house.Scheduling a time for the estimate was really easy.  The office staff is incredibly helpful and efficient, in addition to being friendly.  And much to my amazement, they came out to do the estimate when they said they would!  Gary, the owner, is personable and very knowledgeable.  I have remodeled every place I’ve ever lived and also had to do a lateral sewer line in San Francisco so I appreciated being able to talk with a professional who has people skills in addition to trade skills.Gary took the time to inspect the lateral sewer to ensure that I needed the service.  He showed me where the sewer line was broken.  Given the chaos that is EBMUD, I appreciated this second look just to make sure I actually needed the service. This was something that was not done by any of the three other companies I contacted.  He gave me a rough idea of how much it would cost right there and then emailed me a written estimate within hours which was the same as what he mentioned orally.  The estimate came in lower than any of the other estimates I received (I actually only received two other estimates — still waiting for that other one!).I explained I was under some time pressure to get this lateral sewer stuff done.  They called me to let me know they could do the work the next day.  When I called a little later, I was concerned I had called too late for them to get things organized for the next day but they assured me they would be able to take care of things from EBMUD and whoever else needs to be contacted to get permits in the lateral sewer odyssey.The next day, the crew showed up on time and worked solidly all day.  They were very professional and let me know when I could use my water, etc.  This was important to me as I was working from home.  They stayed until the city signed off on everything.  The following day their crew came to patch up the small concrete areas.I could not have asked for a better team and for a better result.  They were very good, efficient, professional and friendly.Also, with respect to the other plumbing stuff I need to have done, they were the only company to actually think about the work and to try and come up with creative solutions to address my laundry situation and hot water.  When it stops raining I will definitely be contacting them to do further work.

5/5July 11th, 2014
This company did my sewer lateral. I would rate them higher if there were more stars to give.They were Professional with the highest integrity; thorough with attention to detail; fast; and very friendly at a fair price. They even unexpectedly refunded me $200 from our agreed price after the job was done because of lack of anticipated difficulty.I had previously gotten estimates from other top plumbers, but the thing that separated EVENFLO is that Gary (the owner) came with his camera; mapped the house; and answered all questions with charge.Lastly I must also add that after  digging 2 8ft holes in my beautiful front yard, at there completion it was not a trace that they were ever there.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TEAM OF PROFESSIONALS.They are old school, honest, and good.

5/5October 17th, 2014
I got the notice from EBMUD that our sewer lateral failed the smoke test and it was time to repair it.  Not something I wanted to do.  My neighbor worked with Evenflow on their sewer line and highly recommended them so I called them and got an estimate.  They were great!  They were prompt, professional and offered options for fixing the line.  The work they did was excellent and the crew could not have been better.  They took time to dig around our neighbor’s tree to preserve it and were very friendly and accommodating.  I have nothing but rave reviews for Rocael, Feliciano and Enrike!  They got in, got out and did a great job!  If you get that EBMUD notice, skip the multiple quotes and just call Evenflow.

5/5January 22nd, 2014
I hired Evenflo to do my sewer lateral replacement and I had a terrific experience all around.   Gary was very customer focused and competent and he had the most competitive price of all the companies I solicited bids from. He even took accountability for a small mistake they made in the estimating and honored his original quote despite the need to do extra work.  Thanks Evenflow!  Good experience all around and I’d hire them again for sure.

5/5March 31st, 2015
Excellent service!  I needed to have my aging sewer lateral replaced.  I chose Evenflow Plumbing after meeting with two other plumbing companies.  Not only was their price the most reasonable, but the entire staff at Evenflow was very professional, answering all my questions and walking me through the process from start to finish.  They showed up on time, did the job they said they would do and restored my property to its original condition.  Everything was working great.  Or so it seemed…Shortly after the installation of the new sewer lateral, my second bathroom started backing up.  I had a sewer cleaning company come out and clear the line but within a very short amount of time it was backed up again, so I had it cleared again.  This went on for months and I finally contacted Gary to tell him something was wrong.  He came out with his camera and pipe locator, but because the pipe was clogged, it was unclear exactly where the secondary line was connected to the city’s sewer.  We agreed to dig up the section of yard the pipe ran under to determine what was going on.  Once the yard was dug up and the pipe was exposed, it was clear that the connection to the main line of the house had been missed when they originally replaced the lateral.  This was a difficult connection to see, so I don’t fault them for missing it .  Not only did Gary have the line connected, but he replaced the old pipe with new galvanized pipe and installed a second clean out at his expense.  Now that’s service!!I will be utilizing them again for some additional plumbing services that are needed at my house.  Evenflow Plumbing stands behind its service 100%.  I would not hesitate to recommend them.

5/5July 21st, 2014
We had Evenflow Plumbing’s estimate in our disclosure packet when we purchased our home, so we went with them for the required sewer lateral replacement. I’m glad we did– the process was so easy. They honored their original estimate without having to come back to the property again, they fit us in the same week I called, did it all in one day (with the inspection by EB Mud the next) and had the place cleaned up with no issues whatsoever. Plus, the team was courteous and on time. They emailed me all the paperwork promptly, took a credit card over the phone, and honored my Yelp deal. I would recommend them to any one.

5/5March 26th, 2015
Gary had to replace the sewer lateral for my clients in a very delicate situation. The lateral ran across the neighbor’s yard. Gary was excellent with the neighbor, addressing all of his concerns and reassuring him his yard would be returned to its former state. He was calm and friendly, his crew did a fabulous job, and everyone was happy with the outcome. As a real estate broker, I need to feel confident I am referring the best to my clients, and with Gary and Evenflow, that is how I feel.

5/5June 27th, 2014
Gary and his team got a challenging sewer lateral job done in a timely fashion and shared in the pain of some unforeseeable problems.The plan was simply to replace a 60 year old clay line with a trenchless pipebursting method. We live on a slope and the back of the line was at the bottom of a 12′ deep hole that Gary’s guys had to dig by hand. Once they were down there they discovered that the original builder had encased the line in concrete, making pipebursting impossible. There was no way to know this from a video inspection and it was an unusual situation. Gary came back out right away and proposed a new plan. It took another day and more money but Gary was willing to split the difference and we both came out of the deal moderately happy. I’m grateful because at that point we were mid-job and didn’t have a lot of good options. Throughout the process Gary was forthright, knowledgeable, and responsive. We chose him because he knew on the first visit where the street hookups were and how much excavation to expect. Other bidding plumbers took several tries to figure all of this out. Price-wise, Evenflow’s bid was near the lowest bid and I had a lot of confidence that the bid was correct. It’s a shame that there were unforseeable complications but Gary stepped up with a compromise price that eased the sting a little bit.

5/5October 19th, 2013
I didn’t actually hire Evenflow for my plumbing problem, but I felt compelled to write this review because they were so helpful (specifically Jerry, who is the owner). Our kitchen faucet had been losing water pressure gradually over the course of the week, and today (Saturday) decided to leave us with nothing but a dribble. I called a bunch of plumbers, including one we used before and liked (Jim Bustos Plumbing) but no one was available over the weekend.I tried Evenflow finally and got a live person (Jerry) on the phone who informed me that their schedule was booked over the weekend and they couldn’t get someone out until Monday. But he had me explain my problem and offered to walk me through a couple possible solutions. 1) Check the aerator to see if it is clogged, which involved simply screwing off the aerator assembly  at the end of the faucet head and tapping out any debris that may have collected. 2) Shutting off the water valves under the sink all the way and re-opening them. Granted these are a couple of very straightforward and easy things, but I appreciated his walking me through each of the items as I am not a super-handy lady, although I so aspire to be one day.Anyway, neither of those things helped, but I thought it was really kind of Jerry to spend about 15 minutes on the phone to try them out (hey, time is money and it was on a weekend). It turned out it was just our evil faucet, which has been causing us no end of trouble since we’ve moved into this place. FYI, I would highly recommend NOT getting a Brizo touch sink faucet (yeah, the ones that you can turn on and off with a touch of the faucet head or handle). They sound sweet on paper but all the extra wiring etc is just asking for all kinds of naughty faucet behavior. We eventually solved the problem by disconnecting and reconnecting some of the electrical wires and re-installing batteries.

5/5July 5th, 2014
I recently got a compliance notice from EBMUD saying that I had an issue with the part of the sewer that is on my property, and therefore my responsibility.  I really didn’t know the first thing about how to fix this problem.  Luckily, I was introduced to Gary at Evenflow Plumbing from a trusted plumber that I have used for years.  Gary diagnosed the problem, gave me a fair price, and was in to do the work within a week.  He communicated with the city himself, so I didn’t have to do anything.  It was a real relief to have someone just take care of this issue from beginning to end.  I highly recommend Gary!

5/5December 22nd, 2014
These guys were great! Called many different sewer lateral replacement companies and they were by far the best priced while also having a great reputation. They lived up to it.

5/5October 16th, 2014
I did my research thoroughly before deciding on Evenflow Plumbing. I got 9 other estimates for replacing my sewer lateral and compared the scope of work and prices. My estimate from Evenflow was on the lower middle range and very reasonable for the quality of work performed. Other companies may cut corners, but not Evenflow. My experience with Evenflow Plumbing was exactly what I was hoping for. They provided quality service from beginning to end and really followed through even though the job had a few snags. They finished the main job in 1 day and came back again to tie up loose ends and install a sump pump for a surface drain that had previously been connected to the old sewer lateral. This took little more time than originally expected, but Gary took care of it for free even though it wasn’t in the original estimate. Adding a rainwater drainage pit and sump pump in the driveway and new drain line to the curb is no small job. Gary the owner really came through for me and helped guide me through the process while being very patient with me and answering all my questions along the way. He runs a good business and is a stand up guy. I like that quality and it’s hard to find.

5/5September 18th, 2014
OK, Evenflow won me back. Within 24 hours of posting a problem that occurred (not with the quality of their work – that was never an issue), Gary the owner called me and emailed me to resolve things. He clearly cares about customer service to the nth degree. He tracked down why my phone calls had not been returned, worked with his staff to ensure it wouldn’t happen again, and tracked down why the favor offered by one of his staff had not been fulfilled. Within about 12 hours, his staff member showed up and fixed the concrete. He was warm and friendly and did a great job. Mistakes get made, communication breaks down, for everyone. Evenflow responded with lightning speed to take responsibility and make amends, which they did 110%. I will definitely call them again and refer others to them. Thank you, Evenflow!

5/5April 18th, 2014
Gary and Andrew and the administrative staff were great!  I am in the middle of a large rremodel in Oakland and discovered that I needed a PSL complaince test.  Gary and Andrew took care of everything in two days.  They installed a proper cleanout, camera tested (which showed we had ancient pipes), they replaced (trenchless) arranged the testing with EBMUD and emailed everything to me the same day as the testing.  Their prices are fair and they are really nice people.  I would highly recommend Evenflow Plumbing and I’ll use them for all my plumbing needs!Thanks again Gary!

5/5June 24th, 2013
Rarely do I post on Yelp but Andrew, Delaney and Michelle all have been responsive and very helpful getting an estimate to the actual installation of the new sewer line. Evenflow is very competitive and courteous. They deserve a good review on Yelp! I recommend you call these guys first before talking to any other plumbing company.

5/5April 2nd, 2015
I recently moved to the area and used Evenflow to do the mandatory sewer lateral replacement work on my house.  Their bid was fair, not the cheapest but pretty reasonable.  Work was done very efficiently, like clockwork.  They took care of the permits and everything, and I got my deposit back from EMBUD very quickly.  I had a concern that one of the connections to the new lateral was slanted, which didn’t look good to me aesthetically.  I called to ask about it and left a message on a Sunday thinking they would get back to me the following week.  The owner got my message and called me back within an hour and arranged to have someone come back out at a later date and fix that one connection to make it straight like the others.  It’s now fixed.  It’s hard to be thrilled about work like a sewer lat replacement that you mostly can’t see and that you didn’t really want to have to do in the first place, but all things considered, working with Evenflow was a good overall experience.

5/5September 23rd, 2014
We had a number of offers and I am so glad we found Evenflow and Gary. Gary is a delightful, very effective, pro-active guy. I liked him very much and he was very easy to communicate with for every aspect of the job. I felt the high quality of work was a bargin. I have asked him to do another job I need done.

5/5November 14th, 2013
I just bought a house in Oakland.  During the buying process we learned that we had to have a sewer test.  Of course it didn’t pass and we forced to buy a new sewer line.  I called 3 plumbers for an estimate.  Evenflow was the last plumber to look at the job.  Gary was happy to look at the other 2 estimates and beat the price.  He was timely and I appreciated that.  Their crew got the job done in a reasonable amount of time and everything was left clean.  I was obvious to me that Gary and his team have a lot of experience and I would recommend them.

5/5November 6th, 2013
Oakland sewer lateral replacement. Gary came out and gave us a competitive quote for trenchless / pipeburst sewer lateral replacement. He correctly diagnosed an issue with a newer part of our sewer line where it was routed ontop of our foundation french drain. He came up a plan to find the original clay pipe and use that the whole way for the new sewer so as to reduce risk of damage to the french drain. Other plumbers missed this. The friendly Evenflow crew came out and replaced the 90ft of sewer, installed a new cleanout, got the EBMUD certificate, and patched up the road all completed in one stress free day.

5/5October 24th, 2013
We bought a new house and needed to do the sewer lateral.  We thought we had a few weeks to do it, but a neighbor stopped by and pointed out that our water was coming out a pipe near our back gate… and it smelled bad.  I called Evenflow, and they were very responsive.  When they sent out the team, the crew got the job done, patched up our street and backyard after pulling a very impressive pipe through the line, and cleaned everything up.  We’d definitely use them again!!!  We also used them for the bid on our old house as part of our disclosure packet.  Gary was great; he was very late and so didn’t charge us for the bid, which felt very respectful of our time. Note, we asked if they’d match the price for our sewer lateral bid that came with the seller’s disclosures, since it says they would on their website.  After doing some research on the guy who did that bid, Evenflow said they couldn’t since the other guy didn’t pay worker’s comp or have the right license.  I went with Evenflow, based on the Yelp reviews and experience, and don’t regret it.

5/5June 29th, 2014
We have been working on various tasks to prepare our home for sale in the coming months. One of our concerns was related to having permits on file before the July 1st deadline of the 2013 CalGreen code which states the following:Effective July 1st, 2014 (it has been postponed from the original January 1st start date), will require you to replace your plumbing fixtures with low flow fixtures, no matter what kind of project you’re planning. Yes, you might think your 1.6 gallon per flush toilet is "low flow", but you’ll be wrong. The new standard is 1.28 gallons per flush. Bathroom faucets will need to be 1.5 gallons per minute or less, and showerheads no more than 2.0 gallons per minute. You know that nice new pull-down sprayer kitchen faucet you just had installed? Say goodbye if it’s not 1.8 gallons per minute or less.One of the items that needed attention was the EBMUD requirement to pressure test existing sewer lateral lines. We knew that our original clay pipe sewer line would not pass, and decided to take care of this prior to the July 1st deadline. It was now coming up on the last two weeks of June 2014 and we placed calls with several plumbing contractors for bids on the work. All but a few contractors said that they could not look at the job site until late in the following week which would not have allowed having the required permits on file before the deadline. This is where I discovered the EvenFlow plumbing company. A call to them explaining my CalGreen code concerns produced the owner coming for a bid on the job the next day. The existing main sewer is located some 8 feet in depth in the middle of my fairly busy street and he noted that he had completed a similar job for one of my neighbors in the past. Gary took the time and explained to me how much work would be required in placing the new lateral and stated that it would be a fairly straightforward job. All the other contractors told me that it would be a difficult job to do and their quotes reflected the same. Gary struck me as being very honest and straightforward and his bid was one of the lowest I obtained. Gary also told me that he could have a crew on site by Friday of the following week in plenty of time to beat the deadline. His office emailed me the contract which was signed and sent back to them. On Monday the following week they called to let me know that they would obtain all the needed permits with the city of Oakland and EBMUD, and would start the work on Wednesday that same week. The crew showed up on time and did the work in a timely and professional manner. The job did not require all the steps that the original bid called for and EvenFlow reduced their price accordingly. Gary followed up with us in person to thank us for the business and to see if he could have done anything different to improve his service. In a world where cut throat and shady businesses abound, it is a pleasure to have done business with an honest and caring one. We give EvenFlow Plumbing a 5-star rating and recommend them to anyone facing a similar project.Bob K.

5/5February 28th, 2013
I couldn’t have asked for a better company for this job.   They are very fair on the price.   Gary and His crew were  knowledgable  and professional throughout the whole process.    I had a sewer lateral that needed  to go through a neighbor’s  back yard and required to open a new connection on the city’s sewer main.  I requested Evenflow to get it done as soon as they can,  they were able to come on the next day and got the job done one the same day. I had called for three estimates and others told me it would take about three days to complete the job  but it only took Gary’s crew one day to finish the job.  When my neighbor asked me if I got an estimate for the sewer replacement , I was able to tell them the job was done.

5/5August 22nd, 2012
I can’t say enough about what a great job Gary and his crew from Evenflow Plumbing did with our rental home in Oakland.  Gary called me right away to set up a next day estimate.  He and his crew were on time and very thorough.  Orignially, it look like it was going to a stragiht forward trenchless project and Gary’s quote came in well below serveral other bids.  Gary and the crew got to work on time the next day and we were lucky enough to get the once in a blue moon plumbing disaster.  A city tree had a root that grew into the line and ran over 80 feet to the house from street.  Gary called me right away and kept myself and my rentor up-to-date with multiple messages as our simple trenchless project turned into a massive multiple trench sewer excavation.  After seeing the extensive work that had to be performed it was an incredible relief when Gary gave us the additional expense from the original quote which was incredibly reasonable.  At this point we were at his mercy and I felt that he made sure that he didn’t take advantage of the situation.  In this day I think this type of honesty is hard to come by and it almost brought me to tears.    Gary and his crew worked long hours for two days on our little sewer project and they we so professional.  The kept the area as clean as possible and communicated clearly with my neighbors, my renter and myself.  Gary was so extremely helpful and positive even as the project got bigger and bigger.  We found Evenflow Plumbing through all of the fanastic Yelp reviews and we could be more pleased than with the support, workmanship and honesty that we recieved from Gary and his crew.  They earned my highest recommendation and I mean earned it!

5/5June 15th, 2014
I echo the other positive reviews about Gary and the Evenflow team.  Although Gary had to give me very bad news (the prior contractor had not done the sewer repair I paid for), he assured me that all would be taken care of — and it was.  It’s easy to expect the worst from contractors these days, but Gary has restored my faith that there are professionals out there who care about the quality and integrity of the work they do.  I would not hesitate to recommend Gary and Evenflow for sewer lateral repair and replacement.

5/5May 10th, 2012
I just bought my first home and was immediately hit with EBMUD’s requirement for sewer lateral. After getting two other bids, Gary came out, heard the other offers and beat their prices. Not only was that outstanding, but he was willing to wait for payment for the close of escrow as this was part of my contingencies.As far as the work, PERFECTION! They were in and out with NO DAMAGE to my property. Everything seemed undisturbed and, well, easy! I was so pleased with the workmanship, I even gave Gary and Evenflow my highest recommendation to Redfin, my real estate agency so they would continue to refer new home buyers to him.What I’m most pleased with, was one simple thing that Gary said to me…now this is my first home, and he had done the work for me, that the plumbing was his! He said since he’s done the work, I should call him first. I SOOOO appreciated this. The idea that someone would take responsibility for their work, long after they’ve gone is a level of professional integrity that you just don’t see these days. So, in my cell phone there is a listing for Plumber, and you can bet the number belongs to Evenflow!

5/5April 11th, 2012
We bought a house just after EBMUD’s new sewer lateral replacement requirement was enacted. Other places were quoting figures over $12k, so we looked elsewhere and found Evenflow Plumbing. Gary is a great guy and gave us a very reasonable price. His relationships with EBMUD and the City of Oakland allowed for a smooth inspection process. The crew was punctual, professional, and polite. I would highly recommend Evenflow Plumbing and would definitely use them again.

5/5November 30th, 2013
Short review: Hire these guys.Longer review: We hired Evenflow to replace our aging sewer connection and re-route a sump drain. The work they did was excellent. Gary and his team were prompt, skilled, efficient, courteous, and meticulous. The work required that they dig up hardscape and softscape. The replacement brick work was better than the original and the concrete work was excellent. They left our property clean and neat. They even installed additional clean-outs along our sewer line to make any needed future access much easier and more effective. We are very pleased.

5/5July 23rd, 2013
I needed PSL work. They offer a free estimate. Many places charge around $200 just for that. They have a Yelp discount. They not only do but are experts in trenchless which also saved me money. Their prices are competitive. Gary and his team are awesome! Super nice personable guy and very professional company. Believe the reviews. Couldn’t be happier.

5/5May 2nd, 2014
Wonderful company.   Gary is honest and informative and has lots of patience.   This was a pricey investment for us to replace our sewer line 90 ft out to the street but very much needed.   Gary and his team were great

5/5April 30th, 2013
The toilets were backed up and the tub was flooded. I regularly have the sewer line cleared every 4 months or so but forgot. I decided to try someone else than the usual guy I call so I called Everflow at 8:00 am. Got an appointment same day at 10:00.Octavio was half an hour late but the dispatcher was helpful and I was pretty lenient. He was very efficient and thorough. After clearing, he even double checked the line with a camera and gave me a good view of where the chronic problem was. He checked the pipes under my house as due diligence.I am very impressed with the attention to detail He kept all this work within an hour so it cost as much as I had hoped and I thought the rate was reasonable.I will happily hire Everflow again.

5/5January 15th, 2014
Fantastic service all done in ONE DAY  for the dreaded Oakland Sewer Lateral.  Gary and his team were just the best at giving me clear direction and what was going to happen at my home.  I was amazed they finished it all in one day and it passed inspection beautifully.  Gary even came back and threw in a couple of "extras" at no charge.  Would I hire these guys again?  You bet.  Do I recommend them?  Absolutely!!  They were THE BEST!

5/5October 9th, 2013
I am a new homeowner and needed my sewer lateral replaced.  After getting several estimates I decided to go with Evenflow and am happy I made that decision.  I find construction work stressful and when I had a question the evening before work was to start, Gary, the owner promptly returned my telephone call that evening and patiently answered all my questions.  The workers were respectful and did a great job.  I found them to be professional and honest and really care about their customers. It’s great to have a good experience with people I hire to work on my house and this was definitely a great company to work with.TG

5/5March 18th, 2013
Just had my sewer line replaced in San Leandro, via trench-less method, from the house to all the way to the main in the middle of the street and brought everything up to code. This was bad timing for me, but Im sure that im not the only person who this happened too so unexpectedly….I had a few contractors come out, some didn’t even know anything about trench-less methods, so they quoted 12K and up to dig out the entire front yard and street…which is crazy. Gary the owner of Evenflow came out, got me going by clearing the line,and advised that the pipe was broken in six places and it needed to be replaced. I called around mentioning Gary’s quote and nobody was able to beat it. His crew came out, and finished the job on the same day of the appointment. His crew was professional, easy to deal with, and fast. Its always recommended to do your research about things you know nothing about, but if this happened to you I think you can trust these guys since they knocked it out of the park for me!!! Thank you Gary and Company for a job well done!!!

5/5June 30th, 2014
I had three estimates before having my sewer replaced, which in San Lorenzo we are responsible up to the city sewer line in the middle of the street. Of course it broke right at the Y in the middle of the street.  We decided that we needed a trenchless procedure done as it would not be feasible to dig from the house to the middle of the street. The first two estimates were high so I searched online and found Evenflow Pumbing. They had a very high YELP rating, a BBB rating of A+, I searched their complaints on BBB and there were ZERO in the past 3 years. I thought it was to good to be true, they came out today and when I got home, the only thing I noticed was a patch in the street where they replaced the Y and two new cleanouts. It was like a fairy came and fixed my sewer. If I didn’t have pictures from my partner at the house at the time, I would not even think they came. AMAZING JOB GUYS.

5/5March 5th, 2014
These guys were great.  I called them out initially do to a test only for the Oakland sewer lateral compliance program.  My line failed miserably and I ended up hiring them to replace my sewer line instead.  They only charged me for the replacement! They were quick efficient and clean. I would do business with them again.

5/5February 20th, 2014
Gary went above and beyond in giving us an estimate w/ free camera video for our sewer lateral replacement. Had i not just signed a contract w/ another company, i would have gone w/ Evenflow. Even knowing that i had just signed a contract, he still offered to run the camera for us to view to set our minds at ease that there would be no surprises. good to know the good guys are still out there doing business.

5/5June 7th, 2014
Our experience with Evenflow couldn’t have been better. In a timely manner, Gary came to our home to give us an estimate for the sewer lateral that needed to be done ASAP. I was at work, but my father, who was home, had nothing but good things to say about the visit. He felt Gary was professional and seemed knowledgeable. Gary was the only person to comment on what the job would entail, explaining things to my father. The seller had an estimate done before closing, and we had 1 done before calling Evenflow.  Gary’s estimate seemed too good to be true. I thought for sure something would go wrong and add to the bill, but it didn’t. The crew had to remove pickets from our fence, which made me worry, but they left it looking just as it was before. The were quick, clean, professional. I think they might’ve even left the site nicer looking than it was before, just as someone else mentioned. Gary took care of everything for us. I recommend him and will call again if needed in the future.

5/5November 8th, 2013
The owner of Evenflow, Gary, is the best in the business! I have been a homeowner for decades and have worked with many plumbers and/or sewer line companies over the years!! He is extremely knowledgeable, efficient,  and thorough regarding plumbing or trenchless replacement of sewer lines. He also  provides the best , most competitive estimate, compared to other companies, and he stands behind his work!!

5/5July 26th, 2013
Honest and responsive with an excellent crew.  Overall a great experience on our sewer lateral replacement.We’re in the process of getting our house ready for sale and needed to replace the sewer lateral due to the new EBMUD requirements.  I had 3 companies give estimates.  Evenflow was close to the cheapest, but not the cheapest.  The cheapest said they needed 3 days to do the work and Evenflow said they could do it in one so I went with Evenflow.  I am glad that I did.  It turns out that our lateral was not clay, but a thick iron pipe that can’t be replaced through trenchless pipe replacement.  The crew had to trench and install a new pipe instead.  Gary was very good about explaining why a new pipe had to be installed and the crew did a nice job with the installation.  Even though it required more work, Gary (the owner) stuck to his original cost estimate saying that he felt obligated to honor the price he quoted.  Overall a great experience and if you need to have your lateral replaced, Evenflow should be on your short list of plumbers.

5/5August 2nd, 2012
Evenflow plumbing did a great job on the sewer lateral on our new house. It was a bigger job with a cottage in the rear and they had to come back a second day to finish but they work fast and do a great job. Thanks Gary and crew.

5/5November 29th, 2011
Well everything happens at the worst time. So right before Thanksgiving my sewer backs up… again. I called a couple different plumbers and found out the pipe was broken and needed to be replaced. I called Evenflow and Gary came out to give me a quote. Not only was his the best price but they were able to start the job the next day and the whole sewer line replacement took only 4-5 hours. His crew was fast and very polite and they didn’t have to dig up the entire yard. Thanks to Gary and his team for saving our Thanksgiving.

5/5October 22nd, 2011
Did great work in an emergency situation. Professional crew under Octavio. We have never had a job site so clean after major work – trenches in back yard and all.  They also worked well with the County to make our sewer line reconstruction as painless as possible.  Thank you!

5/5March 9th, 2012
I just moved into my current home and was experiencing sewer line issues.  Leapfrog Plumbing essentially ripped me off.  They charged me $400 to simply tell me I had a blockage.  However, when I consulted with Gary, he was very upfront and honest. In fact he was even kind enough to suggest a less costly solution (for the short term) so that myfamily and I could at least get our plumbing into shape temporarily.  He suggested hydro jetting it.  As the hydro jet folks were doing their job (the recommended them as well), Gary stood there with me, walking me through what they were doing, etc.  He certainly didn’t need to do what he did – for he is a busy man and could have been elsewhere earning money.  Instead, he spent time helping me with my issue and didn’t charge me for anything.  Gary is a great guy and Evenflow is a great company.  I highly recommend him and his services to anyone who simply wants to deal with an honest and straightforward plumbing contractor for once.  thank YOU gary!!!!

5/5April 5th, 2012
Gary and everyone at Evenflow Plumbing are so great!!  I have a long sewer line that has been causing me problems for years.  I have been ripped off many times by shady sewer repair companies.  I was also given conflicting information from the County as to what part of the line was my responsibility and what was theirs.  Gary came out and quickly assessed the situation.  He got ahold of his contacts at the County Sanitation District and straightened out what was what to my total favor.  Yay!  Then he installed a new line that has been problem free.  That was one year ago.  Recently part of my line was cleared by the County and right away I had a bad odor.  It seemed I had a sewage leak.  Gary remembered me from the year before and again quickly called his contacts in the sanitary district and it was on a Saturday.  They came out right away thanks to Gary and discovered that the problem was something other than my sewer line.  If not for Gary’s quick assistance, it might have been a while before I knew what was wrong.  He did this for me in the name of customer service, even when he knew that he would not profit.  He is the best!!  He is reliable, responsive, honest and does great work.  I would trust them with any plumbing issue.  I recommend them to all my friends and I am a customer for life.  You won’t be sorry if you hire Gary at Evenflow Plumbing.

5/5October 31st, 2014
Hello everyone, my name is Myra, and I want to share a situation that occurred involving a sewer line break at my home.Some of you may know, and may have experienced what I am about to share with you. However, what you may not know is that there are still good people with business ethics and compassion that truly care about their clients and what they are going through. Businesses that are willing to help you through the dire problems that seemingly have no possible positive outcome. EvenFlow Plumbing Company is one of those businesses. Beginning with the search of the Internet (where I found EvenFlow) to the last day when my sewer line was complete. EvenFlow’s office staff, technicians, and field workers were polite, experienced, and sensitive to my needs. They exhibited excellent customer service, precision in their craftsmanship, and went over and beyond to help my family through what I considered a disaster. Even Flow is a company worth of mentioning and raving about. I love talking about great things and great people… so if you want to know the whole story read on. Otherwise, you can stop reading here, and know if you chose EvenFlow you’re in with the best-of-the-best!It is truly amazing what people think of you, and judge you based on your possessions, and who better to judge than someone who lives or owns property right next to you. I believe the outcome of my situation is primarily because of the conclusions that were made based on what neighbors and individuals visually observe. I live in an old modified Victorian home built in the 1890’s which has a lot of character. Its character stems from the old-fashioned way of doing business and being a good neighbor.  The time when business transactions were performed with a handshake, or your word was given to solidify the transaction. However, in today’s world nothing can be done without and attorney or a document that indemnifies individuals from financial responsibility. The lesson I learned from my neighbor, no longer is there old-fashioned ways of doing business.Keep in mind my house was built in the 1890’s and this is how things were done back in that day.On August 15th, 2014 the main sewer line leading to the City Main broke and at the time water was draining from the upstairs bathtub. It drained into the downstairs toilet and overflowed onto the floor (it was truly a mess).  I immediately looked online to find a plumber to come and analyze what was happening. I selected EvenFlow, and they responded with celerity. They ran a camera through the over-flow valve and discovered that my sewage line was connected to the apartment complex next door to me. EvenFlow informed me that the City of Oakland requires all building structures to have individual sewer laterals that connect to the City-Main. The city inspector reviewed the situation and required the lines to be separated. Now here is the clincher, there are no City-Main sewer-lines on my street. City sewer lines are only on the streets that intersect with my street; therefore, the sewer-line goes laterally from my house through the yard of the apartment complex to the City-Main. The City inspector stated that because the sewer-line between my house and the City-Main is on the property of the apartment complex, it is owned by the apartment complex. Now, if my house was built in the 1890’s, and the City of Oakland constructed the sewer lines around the 1920’s or 30’s, and the apartment complex was built in 1960… you tell me who the sewer line belongs to.The math is easy; however, these days possession is nine-tenths of the law. In order to correct the problem, EvenFlow had a sweet deal for both of us; one that would benefit both properties through a corrective process and be financially affordable. Nonetheless, the owners of the apartment complex wanted nothing to do with it because they took possession of the sewer-line, and they could get the job done by doing the work themselves. They did allow me to traverse laterally through their property; however, it was not without the painstaking back-and-forth process of and easement that required an attorney. EvenFlow’s compassion for the whole situation is the reason I have a working sewage line today. EvenFlow made it affordable for me and walked me through every step of the process. They truly had my back in this situation and have renewed my faith in God, business owners, and my fellow mankind. Cheers to you EvenFlow.

5/5August 13th, 2014
I needed to get my new home’s sewer lateral done.  My next door neighbor recommended Evenflow because he was impressed with the efficient manner that Gary and his office staff had responded to his request for information and cost.  I decided to follow up on his recommendation. I was impressed that since my neighbor and I requested the job be done on the same day, that he gave each one of us a great discount.On the day job, his team of workers arrived early morning right on time, and worked nonstop for most of the day.  I was impressed with how hard the workers worked and how efficient they were.  They were also extremely respectable.

5/5August 6th, 2014
Just had my Sewer Lateral done by Evenflow. Gary came on time and scoped our line. I knew it was bad and I was right. I had 3 other plumbers come out for the estimate but Gary was the only one who could get around the roots in the pipes. I took that as a good sign. I got my quote when he said I’d get it. He answered multiple questions I had about the job in a timely manner. Day of job, he did even better than he said his crew would do. They were in and out in 1 day including the patch work on the street.  He had said the patching of the road might happen day 2. I’m one of the last homes on our block to get this work done and I had many neighbors comment how efficient the crew was at our house  ( I was actually away the day the work got done). The next day I noticed that one of the flower beds where they dug up to connect the sewer line had more rocks in it than prior to the sewer work. I emailed Gary and the next morning he was on site and offered to pick up the rocks and amend the soil. He was back later that day with bags of soil. He had 2 workers come back the following day to do the work.  He left it much better than before. Honestly he want above and beyond.I had already paid him when he first showed up yet he still came back to ensure I was a happy customers. I really appreciate this type of customer service. The company is easy to work with, easy to communicate with (email and phone), did exactly what they said they would do and even came back after being paid to ensure I was satisfied.   I highly recommend Gary and his team.

5/5July 29th, 2014
When our house failed the EBMUD smoke test, we called Evenflow based on other Yelp reviews. We were not disappointed.The job turned out to be fairly complex (a nearly 100 year old house with multiple sewer lines). Because it initially seemed that the job would require hand digging to ten feet depth to clear multiple buried utilities, the initial estimate was quite high. Gary was careful to explain the reason for the high cost, and brought the price down a bit for us in negotiation.When it actually came time to do the job, the maze of buried pipe turned out to find a different city main, so that digging under buried utilities was not required (but a significant number of other connections had to be made). The crew was polite and efficient and took create care to minimize the damage to pathways and landscaping.Gary called me when the job was done to check that I was satisfied, and before I could mention that the especially expensive 10 feet of hand digging hadn’t been required, he acknowledged that change himself and dropped the price without my asking. I was impressed.

5/5July 4th, 2014
Gary is a man of the highest integrity.We recently bought a house in Oakland, and there was a PSL Compliance Certificate from EBMUD in our disclosure packet, so we thought we had a good sewer. Wrong!! The sewer kept backing up and flowing out of a "mushroom" vent into our back yard. We snaked it, but this kept happening. We have had the City of Oakland and 2 plumbers come and look at this. Gary was by far the most helpful, knowledgeable, and caring of all.Gary did a complete video inspection of our lateral, and gave us a copy of the video on a USB drive. It turns out our line has negative slope in a couple stretches, and inadequate slope overall… how could EBMUD have issued a Compliance Certificate??! Apparently, all EBMUD cares about is that the line does not leak when pressure tested.Anyway, with Gary’s discovery, information, and advice (all free), we are now pursuing a path of due dilligence.  Gary has even taken the initiative to help us with the warranty issue we now have with the original (pre-sale) contractor. All of this, even though–if all goes well–Gary will not see a dime. He is an amazing person… what we all wish every plumber should be!

5/5June 30th, 2014
Evenflow replaced a collapsed sewer lateral at our house in 2013. The work was done quickly and professionally, for a very fair price. I appreciated the urgency that Evenflow had in replacing my sewer lateral, as I was without a sewer for a couple days. Overall I was very happy with the quality of the service.Recently, I noticed a leak in the 60+ year old sewer outlet from the upstairs of my house, a part of my house NOT worked on by Evenflow. I called Gary, and he listened to my concerns, and explained the problem to me. Even though the pipe had degraded from wear and tear, and was NOT due to any previous work done by Evenflow, Gary was gracious enough to fix the problem.I am very grateful that I chose Evenflow, and would recommend their services to anyone needing work done on their sewer. Evenflow is committed to quality plumbing and sewer repairs and customer satisfaction!

5/5May 17th, 2014
I used Evenflow Plumbing to put in a main water line from the street to the house.  They were EXCELLENT !  They had the best price out of the four estimates I received.I chose them because of that & they had the best reviews.  AND, after their excellent work, there was a leak & Gary came back twice to fix the leak.  All the workers were very courteous too.  As you can tell, I highly recommend them for any plumbing work.Gary is the best !!!

5/5April 19th, 2014
I found that the sewer line to my house was broken and intruded with roots.  After having it cleaned, I decided to replace it using the trench-less method.  I had several contractors look at the job and recommend going to the street with a sewer lateral connection but the price for both was enormous.  I wanted to use a local contractor so I looked on Yelp and found Evenflow.  The recommendations were consistent in their praise of the entire process, initial contact, bidding, price, work product, and post labor finalization.  It was hard to think that it could be so different from the contractors I was dealing with…..but I was wrong.I called and Gary was out to bid the same day.  He said that it would be best to do the entire job including the sewer lateral and priced it out over 25% less that the lowest bidding contractor.  He also said that all work could be done in a day, compared to the 1 1/2  to 2 days for all the other contractors.  Well, the crew came, did all the work and by 6:30 PM you could not even tell anyone had been there.The office staff sent all relevant paperwork, including the appropriate certificate, by e-mail as soon as the job was done.  This was one of the two best contractor experiences I have had since buying in Oakland 28 years ago.  I salute Gary, his crew of workers, and his office staff.  I thoroughly appreciate all their efforts.

5/5February 10th, 2014
Thank you Gary, you are a life saver. 100% recommendation.  Fast and friendly service

5/5January 24th, 2014
Gary and his team couldn’t have done a more professional job on a trenchless repair of my 135′ lateral drain in Lafayette. The price, the work, the inspections were so well coordinated and my property left looking untouched. I recommend Evevflow  Plumbing very highly.

5/5January 24th, 2014
Gary and his team couldn’t have done a more professional job on a trenchless repair of my 135′ lateral drain in Lafayette. The price, the work, the inspections were so well coordinated and my property left looking untouched. I recommend Evevflow  Plumbing very highly.

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