Safe Digging 811 Is At Your Service

Safe Digging

Safe Digging 811 is a service that is provided by the Common Ground Alliance Initiative. Calling 811 before you begin any sort of digging project can help keep you from destroying buried lines. These buried lines include power lines, gas lines and more. Make sure you call before you dig. The friendly operators at Safe Digging 811 are standing by to help you always dig safely.

The Underground Service Alert Process

You may find yourself wondering how this safe digging service works. Firstly, give us a call at 811 before you even put your shovel in the ground. One of our underground service alert operators will then ask you for some information regarding your dig. The operator will ask where you plan to dig, how deep and your contact information. Once this call is over, 811 will begin sending people to survey and mark where any buried lines exist. After this is done, Safe Digging 811 will contact you and give you the go-ahead to begin your digging project. Make sure to mind the marks!

Damaged Utilities Are Dangerous! Please Call Before You Dig

Every 6 minutes, a utility line is damaged because someone didn’t call 811 before they started digging. Calling before digging can prevent damage to power lines, gas lines, communication cables and more. It can also prevent property damage, injury and in some extreme cases death. Calling the underground service alert at 811 can keep you from damaging important buried utility lines. So please, call Safe Digging 811 before you start any digging project.

Don’t Take The Risk! Call 811 Before You Dig

Why risk damaging subterranean utility lines, yourself or your property by digging without calling 811? It is a very easy and free to use service that can prevent horrible damages and injury. If you have a digging project you’d like to get started, call 811 first, wait for service professionals to mark the lines, and then dig while respecting the marks. Remember to always call 811 and practice safe digging. It couldn’t be any easier.

We Bill Escrow
If you have escrow on your home or property, then we can bill your plumbing services to that escrow account.